Does Splunk have a different pricing for APAC vs US?

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Does Splunk have a different pricing for APAC vs US?
Did Splunk recently increase their license price?

What is the current price for a 20gb/day license? or a 50gb/day license?

I find it weird that if I check Splunk's website it shows a different price point compared to the ones I saw a month ago.

Kindly enlighten me, I am considering buying Splunk License to integrate my Server and Network Logs.

Thanks in advance.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi necxz!

Our Sales team would be the best bet to get you all the answers you need.

I would recommend starting here:

Note the disclaimer at the bottom of the pricing tools : All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars for the North America region. International prices vary.

For any follow up questions, use the 'contact us' button to hit up or let me know where in the world you are and I can try and get you in touch with your regional reps.



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