Cannot get all clients via 'list deploy-clients' after upgrading Splunk 6.2.0?


We get all deploy clients using 'splunk list deploy-clients' command before. Recently, we upgraded our Splunk into version 6.2.0 and find there are only 30 clients listed while executing the command. BTW, our clients' number should be 44. I did the following test.

1. run 'list deploy-clients' to count the client number and the result is 30
2. stop splunk service in one node which is listed.
3. rerun 'list deploy-clients' to count the client number and the result is 30. There is a new clients listed.

BTW, I also access the content via REST API https://IP:8089/services/deployment/server/clients and found the deploy clients number is also 30.

Does this command has some restrictions on the list of clients? Why doesn't this command work normally after upgrading to 6.2.0 and how can we fix this problem?

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Here's the fix :

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk list deploy-clients -count -1

Thanks to piebob for the answer regarding the REST API: (

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I have the same issue. Why is this broken and limited to 30 deployment clients only? Can't the limit be removed in some way?

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