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ITSI Adhoc mstats search not splitting by host entities


My base search:

| mstats avg(Processor.%_Processor_Time) AS windows_avgcpu, avg(cpu.idle) AS linux_avgcpuidle, avg(cpu_metric.pctIdle) AS aix_avgcpuidle
avg(LogicalDisk.%_Free_Space) AS windows_avgdiskfree, avg( AS linux_avgdiskfree, avg(df_metric.UsePct) AS aix_avgdiskused
avg(Memory.%_Committed_Bytes_In_Use) AS windows_avgmemoryused, avg( AS linux_avgmemoryfree, avg(vmstat_metric.memFreePct) AS aix_avgmemoryfree
avg(Network_Interface.Bytes_Total/sec) as windows_avgtotalbytes
WHERE `sai_metrics_indexes` BY host
| eval windows_avgdiskused=100-windows_avgdiskfree
| eval linux_avgcpu=100-linux_avgcpuidle, linux_avgdiskused=100-linux_avgdiskfree, linux_avgmemoryused=100-linux_avgmemoryfree
| eval aix_avgcpu=100-aix_avgcpuidle, aix_avgmemoryused=100-aix_avgmemoryfree
| eval avgcpu = coalesce(linux_avgcpu, windows_avgcpu, aix_avgcpu)
| eval avgdiskused = coalesce(windows_avgdiskused, linux_avgdiskused, aix_avgdiskused)
| eval avgmemoryused = coalesce(linux_avgmemoryused, windows_avgmemoryused, aix_avgmemoryused)
| fields host,avgcpu,avgdiskused,avgmemoryused,windows_avgtotalbytes

My entities are split into each host, automatically in a csv, names of entities are host names, with alias being host=(hostname) and also ENTITY_TITLE=(hostname), information is servertype=newage

With no entity splits in the base search, the services work correctly, as well as the KPI's from the base search, however when using a split by host in the base search and filtering to services, the services & KPI's always display as NA when theses settings are made in the base search.

I'll also attach an image of one of my entities produced by the upload using CSV