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vmware esxlog and datetime parsing

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I have trouble to parse the timestamp of ESX-logs.

The esx-syslog:
Mar 18 21:15:02 hostname 2020-03-18T20:15:02.109Z hostname hostd-probe: info hostd-probe[FFA22350]
and antoher log:
Mar 18 21:15:02 hostname 2020-03-18T20:15:02Z hostname hostd-probe: info hostd-probe[FFA22350]

Because of some special multiline log I cut with SEDCMD the trailing splunk date "Mar 18 21:15:02". But this is done at the end of the parsing phase during indexing. So splunk tries first to read the date from the whole log. There are two formats, I like to have the date with milliseconds.

Problems: the timezone is not recognized! I have an offset from 1 or 2 hours. And the milliseconds are not extracted.

I tried:
- TZ = UTC
-> does not work (maybe the T in the format string is not valid)
- added some lines in datetime.xml and referenced it with DATETIME
CONFIG in props.conf (checked with btool )

    <define name="_time_without_zone" extract="hour, minute, second, subsecond">
            <use name="_hour"/>
            <use name="_minute"/>
            <use name="_second"/>
      <text><![CDATA[(?:(?: \d{4})?[:,\.](\d+))? {0,2}]]></text>
      <use name="_time_without_zone"/>
      <use name="_time"/>
      <use name="_time_without_subsec"/>
      <use name="_time_no_sub"/>
      <use name="_time_esxi_4x"/>
      <!-- Uncomment the below comments if ESX 4 exists in the environment
      <use name="_time_esx_4x"/> -->

SO how can I extract the correct date and timezone?


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Re: vmware esxlog and datetime parsing

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TIME_PREFIX is hostname ,your real hostname is with [^A-z0-9_]+, change REGEX.

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Re: vmware esxlog and datetime parsing

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works now - thank you.
does splunk handle %F and %T different than %H:%M....
your props seems to be very similar to mine.

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