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udp input json to metrics - The metric event is not properly structured




   I am ingesting json data using log2metrics_json source type into a metrics index. Everything is working fine when the json is ingested from a file, but when the json is received over udp, I am getting errors like this:

INFO MetricSchemaProcessor [665036 typing] - channel confkey=source::udp:5514|host::|log2metrics_json| has an event with no measure, will be skipped.

WARN IndexProcessor [664977 indexerPipe] - The metric event is not properly structured, source=5514, sourcetype=log2metrics_json, host=, index=j2m. Metric event data without a metric name and preoperly formated numerical values are invalid and cannot be indexed. Ensure the input
metric data is not malformed, have one or more keys of the form "metric_name:<metric>" (e.g..."metric_name:cpu.idle") with corresponding floating point values. raw=


What could be the root cause? Why is there this error when the source is udp, but works fine when read from file?

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