Getting Data In

to collect Swap memory used/available/total from linux server


splunk ta_unix app only collects and stores swap memory used percent metrics and  i want to index other metrics like swap used/total/available data.


PRINTF='END {printf "%10d  %10d  %10d  %10.1f  %10.1f  %10s   %10.1f  %10s  %10s  %10s  %10s  %10s  %10s  %10.2f  %10.2f    %10.2f    %10.2f    %10.2f\n", memTotalMB, memFreeMB, memUsedMB, memFreePct, memUsedPct, pgPageOut, swapUsedPct, pgSwapOut, cSwitches, interrupts, forks, processes, threads, loadAvg1mi, waitThreads, interrupts_PS, pgPageIn_PS, pgPageOut_PS}'

DERIVE='END {memUsedMB=memTotalMB-memFreeMB; memUsedPct=(100.0*memUsedMB)/memTotalMB; memFreePct=100.0-memUsedPct; swapUsedPct=swapUsed ? (100.0*swapUsed)/(swapUsed+swapFree) : 0;  waitThreads=loadAvg1mi > cpuCount ? loadAvg1mi-cpuCount : 0}'



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