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splunk not receiving data from windows universal forwarder

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Installed universal forwarder in windows. Checked the splunkd log and I could see the connection to server without any error as below. tried checking with firewall and ports.But still index doesnt log any events.

TcpOutputProc - Connected to idx=xxxx:9997.

Below are my conf file.

host = xxxxx
disabled = false
sourcetype = hievents
index = hiindex

defaultGroup = default-autolb-group

server = xxxx:9997


Please advice.

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Please check for monitor syntax: [monitor://]


Hi skumarvs,

here are some typical troubleshooting tips:

  • Do you search the correct time range - try all time?
  • Do you search the correct index - try index=hiindex?
  • Do you have permission to search this index?
  • search index=_internal source=*splunkd.log on the indexer for any error related to the universal forwarder
  • run a snoop/tcpdump to ensure there is something sent to the indexer, if the universal forwarder tells you it is connected that does not mean it sends data.

Last but not least do the usual troubleshooting around Splunk, is everything doing what it should do and so on.

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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