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splitting data coming from Universal forwarder to external syslog

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We are forwarding data coming from our universal forwarders to an external Syslog server.

Our current Dataflow Architecture

Universal Forwarder -> Regional Heavy Forwarder -> Final Heavy forwarder -> Indexer

the data is received from the universal forwarder and an output sends the data to Regional Heavy Forwarder. There is another output that sends the data to the final Heavy forwarder. Once the data gets to the final heavy forwarder we have outputs that output data to indexer and duplicate stream to external Syslog.

The event count in the external Syslog server from the duplicate stream is almost half than the data that was indexed by Splunk. So from Splunk to our external Syslog server, we are dropping events.

I would like to know if there is a tstat command or something is Splunk that would give some metrics of how much data is being sent to the external source from a particular outputs.conf.

To send data to external syslog we are using the below solution

TRANSFORMS-sample = samplesyslogtrend

FORMAT = sample_syslog

server = hostname/ipaddress:514
sendCookedData = false

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