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should i define source type in splunk or props.conf at first??

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I am uploading my_file.txt in splunk under sourcetype TARGET_ONE.The content of my file is Fname|Mname|Lname|age|location abhay|vikram|singh|26|kolkata murari|kumar|bhartia|25|Bangalore

for field extraction I have defined props.conf and transform.conf as following:


pulldown_type = 1

DELIMS = "|"
FIELDS = "Fname","Mname","Lname","age","location"

but should i define it in props.conf and transform.conf before defining in splunk-web sourcetype??

can any one teel is there any wrong with code because i want to avoid regex i want extarct all fields with Delims.

If some one provide me with some code detais it wiil be helpful as my final objective is to bring my_file data as tabular format writing table quiery in search time??

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Editing the props.conf and transforms.conf directly is the same as using the splunk-web interface to define sourcetypes and transforms. However the splunk-web interface does NOT give you the ability to use some of the more advanced setttings/stanzas. Another thing to note is by edit throught he splunk-web interface you are NOT required to restart splunk, by edit the files directly splunk sometimes requires a restart for your changes to take effect.

With regards to your transforms and props file don't see any cause for alarm and it should work just fine, but I can only really guess since your sample is fairly small. I will say that the pulldown_type is an Internal Settings that specifies "NOT YOURS. DO NOT SET".

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then for extraction can i set

CHECK_FOR_HEADER=TRUE (for automating extraction header)
then for extraction i have to write in props.conf only.

actual file size is very bug and it conatin 25 fields with delimiter "|"

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I agree with Ayn. After many conversations with Splunk staff, they recommend doing all field extraction in search-time. TRANSFROM is an Index-time operation and has performance implications. Also creates additions to
Splunk's default set of indexed fields. Moding those defaults can have all types of unintended results.

USE instead:



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The TRANSFORMS directive is for index-time extractions. These should not be used unless absolutely necessary, and only by people who really know what they're doing. Use REPORT for search-time extractions.

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