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set search results as the default value of a multi select when the dashboard loads.


Hi guys, for example i have a search that returns 7 id's. What I wanted to do is set those 7 ids as the default value of a multi select when the dashboard load, is there a way to achieve this one? thanks in advance and more power to everyone 🙂

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Hi ,
I think there are more good approach to this one ,
But if that will be my case , i will use the
"done" or "finalized" function in XML
link text

in this way you can send the result of the search to a token value
and set them to a default multiselect fields. as $token_name$
in this way your multiselect wont show any default value if the search don't send any token to display.

Please be advise that in this approach other configuration on specific panel UI will lost the or function
and needed to be insert again.
I hope this approach help.

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Can you add a static value as All and set that as default ?

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Hi gpradeepkumarreddy, thanks for the answer. I've already tried it, but it just sets the first result, i need to set all of the results as the default value of the multiselect.

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