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replicationStatus Failed failure info: failed_because_HTTP_REPLY_ERROR_CODE

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Hi guys,

I'm getting the following message in one of the indexers from the cluster.

"DistributedPeerManager - Unable to distribute to peer named at uri because replication was unsuccessful. replicationStatus Failed failure info: failed_because_HTTP_REPLY_ERROR_CODE"

I was searching through the documentation and couldn't find anything.

Does someone know what could be the possible reason of this failure?

Thanks in advance.


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This can happen, when both systems have diverting License-Master/Licenses.

You should set the licensemaster to the same master_uri/same license pool.

On the License-Slave:

splunk edit licenser-localslave -master_uri https://<license-master>:8089

Or via server.conf:

master_uri = https://<licensemaster>:8089

However HTTP 400 Response is a very ambiguous message. Splunk should implement a proper Error-Message for this case.

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