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queue are getting blocked


I have one Heavy forwarder and one indexer+search head. I am monitoring (high amount of) zip files in heavy forwarder and parsing it using indexqueue and null queue to reduce number of logs to reduce license cost. I am using Heavy forwarder used
I am getting multiple queues blocked specially aggqueue(high number of times) though I have increased queue size but doesn't affect much.
My Heavy forwarder has specification- windows OS , 64 gb RAM, 4 core

also I am using below in props.conf- line_breaker,should_linemerge,time_prefix,max_timestamp_lookahead, max_days_ago, time_format
1. I know splunk will index zip files as single threaded so does increasing core will reduce queue blockage?
2. also which queue is used to transfer files from heavy forwarder to indexer for indexing? so that I can check if that queue is getting full.
3.what can be done to resolve queue blockage? all queues are getting blocked at heavy forwarder side only.


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Re: queue are getting blocked


You can see the role of queues here.

Since there is only one process, the queue accumulates when processing large logs. Even if the number of cores increases, improvement cannot be expected.

Splunk can multiplex processes. See the link below.

Multiplexing is limited to two. Professional service is required when setting to 3 multiplex.

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