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post data to splunk, REST API


I am new to Splunk and just trying to add data to it. I have a Raspberry Pi connected with temperature sensors and loaded Emoncms framework ( The emoncms cloud accepts data with a REST style post request.

Just wondering how to setup Splunk to receive this data, how can tell splunk to listen for post requests?


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Re: post data to splunk, REST API

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Splunk already listens on HTTPS port 8089 by default for REST calls.

The receivers/simple and receivers/stream endpoints allow for sending data to Splunk over HTTP REST.

We have many SDK's to make it easier to use the REST API.

The Python one would be a good candidate for Rasp Pi.

Here are Python SDK examples for getting data into Splunk.

You can also create a TCP or UDP input in Splunk and send data directly without using HTTP REST ie: you might use a Splunk SDK for this also or use netcat from your Rasp Pi shell..

Check out the Splunk Forwarder for Rasp Pi also.