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I downloaded and installed Splunk version 4.3.4, build 136012 successfully on my Windows XP system for evaluation. I
then tried to build an index with readable pdf files and text files, but have not been sucessful. Must be doing something
wrong because the pdf is not being inputed properly. Below is part of an example of what I get from Splunk when I use the pdf for
source input.

I also have not figured out yet how to delete/remove an index and then create a new one.

3:42:04.000 PM \xFDq6\xE9\xF\xFW\xCC`\xEF\xFA\x98\x8Cnj\x11\x1F\x8D\x2\xCF\xDD\xB\x8CQ\x1A\x8\x8ER\xE8G\x99\xDC\x17
".sourcetype=Radiology PDF Options| source=C:\Cognition Result Files\Radiographics PDFs\234_1_109.pdf

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Splunk won't index PDF only ascii data ie txt. PDF is binary and need pdf reader.

to delete an index

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