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multiple inputs parser error


When i try and run a multiple input search running 4.1.2 on windows 7 im getting an error message that causes search app to always return zero results as well as two error codes.

A red bar comes across the top saying:

Error in 'UnifiedSearch': Unable to parse the 'Invalid LHS for comparison' search.

and in the results table it says: [SimpleResultsTable module] Server reported HTTP status=400 while getting mode=events Error in 'UnifiedSearch': Unable to parse the 'Invalid LHS for comparison' search.

This is a simple search and it should be running without any problems as i ve used the same code for another search....

   the xml is: 

    <label>Multiple inputs</label>
    $SearchHere$ | fields Username, Host, IP, _time, vpn_poolip, Group</searchTemplate>
    <input type="text" token="series">
    <input type="text" token="otherFilter">
    <label>events per second greater than:</label>
    <!-- add default TimePicker -->
    <input type="time" />
    <input token="SearchHere" />
    <!-- show results as a table -->
    <options name="fields"> Username, Host, IP, _time, vpn_poolip, Group</options>  
    <title>activity</title> <option name="count">50</option> 
    </table> </row> <fields>_raw</fields>  </form>

    i REALLY need to figure this out, can count on u guys helping me out
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I would say that this is the problem:

Invalid LHS means that the Left Hand Side of a comparison, left of the = sign, can't be understood.


what do u mean actual search? im searching for usernames or ip address's.... there is an input box on the left, time range picker in the center, and another input box on the right feeding a table.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This looks like a form search of some sort. What is the actual search you are running?

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