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line break NIST CVE json file


I trying to break up the nist cve json file into each cve event

Below is a (small) output of the json file

CVE_data_numberOfCVEs" : "1691",
"CVE_data_timestamp" : "2019-03-28T00:00Z",
"CVE_Items" : [ {
"cve" : {
  "data_type" : "CVE",

I would like to line split it so it looks like this

"cve" : {
  "data_type" : "CVE",

But only seam to get it to split like this

  "cve" : {
  "data_type" : "CVE",

I have tried the below

BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE =(?m){\s+”cve”


BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE =\s{\s+”cve”

With no luck … I have tried lots of other ways but the two above should work (I think)

Can anyone see im doing wrong?

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