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is it safe for app-developers to use pulldown_type=true on their sourcetypes


props.conf has a boolean setting called "pulldown_type".

If you set it to true, then the name of your sourcetype will appear in the end-users' sourcetype dropdowns in manager.
For app developers, who are often defining their own custom sourcetypes as a part of their shipping app, this key is obviously quite nice for their end users.

In the documentation however, pulldown_type is listed under "internal fields", with a note saying "Not yours - do not set".

My question is -- is there some hidden pitfall to setting that key? Is that warning really warranted? If not I'm going to start setting it to true in all my apps that define one or more custom sourcetypes.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I'd set it to true, and also set the new description and category fields.

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Interestingly enough, Splunk 4.3 sets this value when creating new sourcetypes as part of the initial setup 'Add data' screens and choosing "Set a new sourcetype". Certainly that would seem to imply that the warning isn't warranted, but it would be nice to see confirmation and some insight into the original reason for the warning.

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