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I've few indexing issues here,I have three to five entries in the inputs.conf of a universal forwader in a windows machine and my splunk indexer is in linux machine so now the forwarders is forwarding the data to indexer but later I thought of removing the existing entries in inputs.conf and add different input there however when I look into the splunkweb console I can still see the my old logs(the log location which I gave in inputs.conf at first) along with new log files.I thought if we delete the log location(input) from inputs.conf splunk will stop indexing and will not be shown in splunk web console?

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If you make any changes to inputs.conf then you need to restart splunk to accept the changes. Any changes made to inputs via the web GUI will take effect immediately.
Any logs which have already been consumed from that input will not be removed from your Splunk indexes but will remain, you simply won't have any more data added to those sources/sourcetypes.

If you wanted to hide this data so it doesn't show then have a look here;

If you are just using the one index then it isn't really feasible to properly delete and reclaim the used disc space from that input, but it will eventually roll out depending on your retention policies.


When you're searching you're still seeing current data from the old location, or are you simply saying that you can still search for the old location?

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