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input type="time"

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I'm using

<input type="time">

in my form, but I can't figure out how to make the subsequent tables actually "hear" the time range. They seem to default to looking at the entire set of data regardless of what the time pulldown is set to. Any thoughts?


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I can't seem to get it to not parse some of this, but hopefully you get the right idea.

    <form> <label>Live Stream Form</label>

        <input type="dropdown" token="Streamname"> <choice value="*">All Streams</choice> <populatingSearch fieldForValue="Streamname" fieldForLabel="Streamname">| inputlookup Streams | dedup Streamname | sort Streamname</populatingSearch> </input>

<input type="time">
        <default>Last 7 days</default>
      </input>   </fieldset> <row> <single>
    <searchTemplate>index=summary search_name="si_flashlive_filename" Streamname="$Streamname$"  | stats count | eval count = tostring(count,"commas")</searchTemplate> <title>Total Requests</title> </single> </form>


Hard to say anything without seeing the whole form. Could you paste the code for the whole form, please.

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