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indows Event Security login filter at source not working for renderXml inputs

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I am ingesting Windows Event Security login into Splunk using option “renderXml” and need to filter some EventCodes based on the Keywords.
For example my input stanza is like below

checkpointInterval = 5
current_only = 0
disabled = 0
start_from = oldest
blacklist1 = EventCode="4648" Keywords="0x8020000000000000"
blacklist2 = EventCode="4672" Keywords=0x8020000000000000
blacklist3 = EventCode="4904" Keywords="0x8020000000000000"
blacklist4 = EventCode="4905" Keywords="??8020000000000000"
renderXml = true

In my case following blacklist is working- but None of the other once are working. What am I missing

blacklist4 = EventCode="4905" Keywords="??8020000000000000" >>>>>Working

following Not working

blacklist1 = EventCode="4648" Keywords="0x8020000000000000" >>>>>Not Working
blacklist2 = EventCode="4672" Keywords=0x8020000000000000 >>>>>Not Working
blacklist3 = EventCode="4904" Keywords="0x8020000000000000" >>>>>Not Working

What am I missing strong text

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I performed some test and for followingalt text Events

Below are the various blacklist

blacklist 1 = EventCode="4648" Keywords="0x8020000000000000" >>>> Not filtered
blacklist2 = EventCode="4672" Keywords="\b0x8020000000000000" >>>>Filtered
blacklist3 = EventCode="4904" Keywords=\b0x8020000000000000 >>>>Not filtered
blacklist4 = EventCode="4905" Keywords="??8020000000000000" >>>>Filtered

blacklist4 = EventCode="4905" Keywords="??8020000000000000" >>>>Filtered

Result View for Above Data From EventViewer:

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