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indexing the data


Hi all,

while adding the input data to the splunk at final stage it has some three options as,

1.)Continuously index data from a file or directory this Splunk instance can access

2.) Upload and index a file

3.)Index a file once from this Splunk server

what is the Use of those options ..

and my requirement is i have one folder which everday my data will be loaded into that folder ..i want the splunk to automatically index the data in to the server and keep updated ..

which option i hav to use for this purpose

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

How is your data being loaded to that folder being mentioned? Do you have a script that copies the log/data files into it, or does the application writes the logs/data directly into it? If the scenario is that your application writes the logs directly into this directory, then probably option 1 would be the choice. What type of log or data is this?


"The" taskmanager logs? I concur with lisa's suggestion. Read the manual.

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I have the Taskmanger Logs ..but still now i do dint use the any script or application for that ..plz clarify me wt kind of application i have to use

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All the Splunk manuals are online at

I suggest that you start with the manual Getting Data In and look at the monitor option.

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