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how to input encrypted files like PGP encrypted files


Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know if there is any method in Splunk to index encrypted input files like PGP encrypted files.


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There is no direct way of onboarding encrypted data to Splunk. In case there is a requirement to do so, you can go ahead and write a script (python/shell) that access the API of encrypted source, parse it and send it to Splunk.

There is a python library to address this


The below code should be a starter for you

import pgpy

emsg = pgpy.PGPMessage.from_file(<path to the file from the client that was encrypted using your public key>)
key,_  = pgpy.PGPKey.from_file(<path to your private key>)
with key.unlock(<your private key passpharase>):
    print (key.decrypt(emsg).message)


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