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how to extract json fields in a mixed type log outside SPL (spath) in props.conf/transform.conf


I have a logfile with "|" (pipe) seperated field. So i use transform.conf to seperate those fields.

two of the fields I separate are json. Usually  I use spath in SPL to extract the fields in this json field. The jsonfield is just a payload which is loged in the logfile next to user fields. My problem is that "spath" is not available in datasets, so I need to extract the fields automatically and not in SPL. The problem is, that not the whole file is json, so I think I cannot use KV_MODE=json in props conf.

Is there a way to assing just the two json fields to a transform.conf extract the fields in it?

How can I make the fields in the json field available for datasets root events, because I need to accelerate this dataset.


Here an example of one event in the file (they are also nested)

_time | field | field | field | field | field | field | field | field | field |

AS transform.conf seperate fields by seperator "|" the jsons are seperated fields why I usually use  | spath input=json_field


thansk for your support

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