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Good afternoon

During an activity, the in index stanza in the indexes.conf file was commented to perform an event cleaning since it was validated that the index had been declared 2 times in different FSs.

When reviewing the history, it is validated that there is no data. Login to the indexer server to validate which of the 2 FS has the created directories and I validate that the one commenting had the buckets, therefore modify the indexes.conf file and comment on the one that was duplicated.

When validating the history of the data, the index only has the files that are coming from different sources, but the data that is stored is not being read.

How can I restore the data back to the index? Currently it only has a history of the HOT / WARM and little data in the COLD.


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Revered Legend

Are you using indexer cluster? Did you restart the indexer after making the change?

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after making the modifications in the indexes.conf a bundle was applied.

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