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I have a folder with several files on desktop. (xml) files have same names but different numbering for ex: File1, File2. File3

I also set up a sourcetype with event breaking that I tested and it is working (if I'm uploading a file having several events)

However when I set Monitor the folder c:\path\File* Choose a sourcetype that I have created, after reviewing I'm directed to search page where there is no single event (I think those files inside my folder are not indexed)

can anyone suggest what can be a reason?

my inputs stanza


sourcetype = test

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  1. Check your internal logs to see if the files have been read. index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd watchedfile
  2. When searching for the logs themselves, expand your timeframe to include future as well in case you have a timezone/timestamp issue index=main sourcetype=test earliest=0 latest=+1w
  3. Check metrics logs to see if splunk has seen data come in for the logs index=_internal source=*metrics.log* sourcetype=splunkd test
  4. Take care with case. Once you include a wildcard, the path becomes case sensitive even in Windows. (Or used to anyway. Possibly this has changed?)
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Check if the timerange you selected is correct?

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The following might be useful - I can't find my data!

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