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file integrity checking question

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Hi there --

One thought I had of deploying Splunk was the following scenario: Install it on one of our network servers and configuring another one of our servers to forward its log files to the Splunk server. Along with this setup a running of the Tripwire application once a day on the server that is forwarding its log files to the Splunk server.

Would the combination of Splunk and Tripwire be an effective means of file integrity monitoring? More specifically, is Splunk providing an effective file integrity check of the remote server by the latter sending its log files to it?


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Re: file integrity checking question


Why not use the built in file integrity monitor in Splunk? This is set in the inputs.conf file.

Simply add to $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\system\local\inputs.conf:

[fschange:<path to folder/file>]
pollPeriod=<time in seconds>

Set recurse to true if you want all subfolders and files.

This will check for add/delete/change of the files at the polling period and report it back to the Splunk server.

More on fschange:


Re: file integrity checking question

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With the combination of Tripwire Enterprise and Splunk you get the world leading technology for FIM and Security Configuration Management coupled with the power of Splunk for combining event information from multiple sources.

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