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encrypt splunk deployment server and client communication

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I went through security guide and blogs on splunk , but I am still not clear how to encrypt communication between splunk deployment server and deployment client

1) Does by default splunk encrypts this communication using default certificates

2) if no just by adding this stanza in /opt/splunk/etc/system/local/server.conf on deployment server will it start working.

enableSplunkdSSL = true
sslKeysfile = forwarder.pem
sslKeysfilePassword = password
caCertFile = cacert.pem
caPath = C:Program FilesSplunkUniversalForwarderetcappsapp-namelocal

3) I see splunk answers for same topic. Some of them also mention outputs.conf on universal agent. We are configuring splunk deployment server to deployment client communication, why outputs.conf is needed for this communication.
In my setup I have universal forwarder reporting to heavy forwarder and I just want to encrypt traffic between deployment client and deployment server.

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1: No, not unless you enable SSL.

2: No, but that is part of the answer, SSL is on port 9998 instead of 9997 (or maybe the other way around) so you have to change that in each forwarder's deploymentclient.conf file, too.

3: I do not see how outputs.conf fits into Deployment Server technology.

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