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configured the Home Monitor app - only firewall statiscics. No bandwidth data

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I'm able to push my syslog info from my asus (RT-AC88U) to a splunk server running Ubuntu 18.04 in my network. I receive data on UDP port 514. I'm able to see that in splunk. On my splunk server I have installed the home monitor app. I’m able to see the dashboard from blocking traffic. Looks nice
However I do not see bandwidth dashboard data. Is this data also available in the syslog the ASUS router is sending. I strongle have the feeling that this is not the case, I have enabled firewall logging. Level of syslog in router is set to info.
In the router itself I can see in traffic measurements. I can select daily / weekly by client / totals etc even real time bandwidth consumption. I hoped this data would be available in the home APP monitor now.
Did a lot of search on the internet but so far did not find a possible solution. Hope that somebody here can explain why I do not see the bandwidth monitor dashboard.

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