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can I pre-populate fields in "new input" pages in Splunk Manager?


I'd like to create a shortcut for admins to create specific new data inputs. For example, if I want to have a shortcut which autmatically sets the Host regex for file inputs.

Is this possible? Obviously, the easiest way would be to use a URL (e.g. pointing to /manager/search/data/inputs/monitor/_new?action=edit) with query string parameters added which populate manager input page controls.

Or, a POST using client script which achieved the same thing would be fine too-- as long as the user can fill in the remaining fields manually.

Is this possible?

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Path Finder

Yes. You can edit the manager XMl files and include dropdowns with pre-populated information. Something similar to this:

             <element name="host" type="select">
                <opt value="\w+" label="Words" />
                <opt value="\d+" label="Numbers" />
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