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(beginner) how to use splunk universal forwarder?

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I want to import some data(not kubernetes logs, metrics) to splunk (Enterprise).
I've heard I should use splunk universal forwarder.

(My data is like commit info of Git (who commit, when, how many files, file names, ...)
not system log and whenever get same data...)

I find out it's docker container exists but I can't find it's helm chart.

First time, I think I can run forwarder container every x minutes using Jenkins.
but I can't find example in googling and I realize that I need PV for it.

So my second thinking is run forwarder container like daemon on kubernetes.
but also I can't find example (and helm chart for this).

What is the best usecase of forwarder in this case?
Do you have a plan for provide helm chart of forwarder?

Many thanks,

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