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at index time, merge multiple lines with the same timestamp

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Hi there

  • our customer have a custom app we cannot modify
  • for each unique event, the app send a log with 2 or 3 lines
  • each line have the same timestamp
  • and nothing else is common (no "event id")

The result of default indexation :
- for each line splunk sees a different event

The result the customer is expecting :
- one event that merge all the lines with same timestamp

we are looking for a way to merge lines based on timestamp at index time

Someone got a recipe ?

Best regards

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Hi psaminadin,
to merge events at indextime, you have to find a way to know when an event breaks.
Anyway, you can display events all together at search time using transaction (I don't like this solution) or stats command.

If you could share some example and the results you expect, it could be possible to help you.


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