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Windows UF script runs every 4 minutes, 30 minutes gap after midnight


I have a netstat script that I run inside the Windows_TA app
it runs every 240 seconds (4 minutes), last run of the day is at 11:56:01.000 PM
at midnight something happens and this script doesn't show any data until 12:26AM

my timeline show a 30 minutes gap daily after midnight, is that a bug on the version I am using?

disabled = 0
interval = 240
sourcetype = Script:TCPPorts

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi GArienti!

You can debug scripted inputs by checking index=_internal source=*splunkd.log ExecProcessor *win_All_TCP_ports.bat for any stderr that may have been emitted from your script at this time. Do you see any errors?

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