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Windows IIS logs not formatting correctly / hostname problem

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So bringing in some IIS logs from a few windows servers... seemed pretty simple. Installed the add-on for Micrsoft IIS which gave me a few new sourcetypes to use.

My inputs.conf reads (star.log is actually *.log):
index = iis
sourcetype = ms:iis:default
disabled = false

Event break are all chopped up. I looked at the source data from the IIS server and it looks like this (see image)

I also noticed that the hostname is coming in as "cs-method" and not the actual hostname. This server is sending in other logs from the splunk forwarder just fine, with the correct hostname.

Any pointers? Struggling here.



Splunk Enterprise v6.5.0

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I am also having issues with the host field appearing when i run a search for this data. I commented out the field alias in props and for some reason the host field still does not exist in the search. When running a tstats on the index by host we see values for host. But not when we just simply search the data

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Your inputs.conf settings are fine. You'll want to take a look at the ./Splunk_TA_microsoft-iis/default/props.conf file on your search head. There's a bunch of over-ambitious FIELDALIAS commands there, and depending on exactly what fields you're logging from IIS, those FIELDALIAS commands can jack-up your field extractions.

I recommend commenting out this one:

FIELDALIAS-s_computername = s_computername as host

And either do a debug/refresh on your search head, or just restart the search head if that won't bum people out.


I just went to the app in manage apps, viewed the objects, found the aforementioned field alias and unchecked the "Overwrite field values" box - on my search head. Now I see the right host names associated with the events.


Once you've figured out which FIELDALIAS commands are the problem, you can actually override them in a ./Splunk_TA_microsoft-iis/local/props.conf file by setting them equal to nothing, like:

FIELDALIAS-s_computername = 

That's a better practice than making changes to the stuff in ./default.

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