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Windows IIS Log and Splunk

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On a Windows 2012 Server the daily IIS log is held open and sits at "0" bytes in size throughout the day. It appears to be only written to disk at the daily rollover time, typically 10am at which time is becomes "x" bytes in size. Does this mean that Splunk will only receive the total daily events at this time. i.e. delayed by 24 hours. If this is the case how does Splunk Universal Forwarder send the traffic? does it send the entire file in 1 go or does it potentially send the entire file line by line until complete, thus possibly sending large amounts of network traffic at rollover time?

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It is not one line at a time, but it sends everything.
Network traffic depends on ”maxKBps” setting.

maxKBps = <integer>

* The maximum speed, in kilobytes per second, that incoming data is 
  processed through the thruput processor in the ingestion pipeline.
* To control the CPU load while indexing, use this setting to throttle
  the number of events this indexer processes to the rate (in
  kilobytes per second) that you specify.
  * There is no guarantee that the thruput processor 
    will always process less than the number of kilobytes per
    second that you specify with this setting. The status of 
    earlier processing queues in the pipeline can cause
    temporary bursts of network activity that exceed what
    is configured in the setting. 
  * The setting does not limit the amount of data that is 
    written to the network from the tcpoutput processor, such 
    as what happens when a universal forwarder sends data to 
    an indexer.  
  * The thruput processor applies the 'maxKBps' setting for each
    ingestion pipeline. If you configure multiple ingestion
    pipelines, the processor multiplies the 'maxKBps' value
    by the number of ingestion pipelines that you have
  * For more information about multiple ingestion pipelines, see 
    the 'parallelIngestionPipelines' setting in the 
    server.conf.spec file.
* Default (Splunk Enterprise): 0 (unlimited)
* Default (Splunk Universal Forwarder): 256
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