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Will the Splunk Cloud REST API interface URI be different than On-Premise Splunk Enterprise?

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Hi, we are thinking of switching from an existing on-premise Splunk Enterprise to Splunk Cloud.

Our concern is that we have an analytic/reporting app that searches and queries Splunk server via the API/Management port TCP 8089 (Our local on-premise Splunk Server will have an URI like If we switch to Splunk Cloud, will the server URI and port become dynamic since the instance is on the cloud? If so, our analytic app is unable to handle dynamic URI and port.

This might influence our decision to purchase Splunk Cloud or not.

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Splunk Cloud API url will be different but 8089 will only be used to access the API like below:

Use the following URL for single-instance managed deployments.

Use the following URL for clustered deployments. If necessary, submit a support case to open port 8089 on your deployment.

Self-service Splunk Cloud deployments

Also there are limitations on using Cloud API, you can not do :

Modifying configuration of deployment servers and client configurations and distributed components (indexers, search heads, clustering)
Restarting a Splunk Cloud deployment
Executing debug commands
Installing apps and modifying app configurations

rest searches and queries can be run via cloud API of Splunk.

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