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Will splunk reindex the same file with new data if the file was overwritten?



What will splunk behave like in the two following cases:
1) File A.log, having the lines:
Someone overwrites the file and places a new file with the same name A.log, having the lines:
Will lines 1 2 3 be indexed again? Will only the lines 4-5 be indexed after the overwriting takes place? Will Splunk even keep track of the

file after it was overwritten or lines 4-5 will not be indexed?
2) File A with rows as above, read and deleted using sinkhole policy by splunk. Afterwards new file A.log is created with rows like above. Will lines 1 2 3 be indexed again? Will the lines 4-5 be indexed after the same file reappears?


Splunk checksums the file contents, as per the link ddrillic posted you can tweak the crcSalt, and the CHECK_METHOD, furthermore you can also tweak the initCrcLength in the inputs.conf

In the example your providing above, I would expect Splunk to re-index the entire file as the file was overwritten, however it should be straightforward to test it...

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