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Wildcard magic in monitor stanzas- Need help with inputs.conf

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we have a directory with daily log files I want to read into Splunk 8.1.5:

/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/file-20220309.log, file-20220308.log, ...

Version A, working: "[monitor:///dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4]"

Version B, working: "[monitor:///dir1/*/d*/dir4/*]"

Version C, failing: "[monitor:///dir1/*/d*/dir4]"

Version C would in theory match the example of "[monitor:///apache/*/logs]" in the documentation, wouldn't it? That is, as long as "logs" is a directory.

Do I miss something here? Do I see a bug? Is there a limit on the number of wildcards in a path?

Puzzled in Hamburg


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Hi @vgrote 

for Version C,"[monitor:///dir1/*/d*/dir4]"

can you please share the exact location for  [monitor:///apache/*/logs] 

and have you tried using (...) intead of * 

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Path Finder

Hello SanjayReddy,

" [monitor:///apache/*/logs] " is mentioned as an example in

"/.../" would recurse into all subdirectories, which could be quite a long journey leading potentially across unknown directory structures, plus I got version B working anyhow which is probably taking less time.

I just wonder if it works as documented.

Kind Regards,


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