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Why was the datamodel_summary folder created automatialy after I changed the Splunk_DB path?

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I changed the path of index data from D drive to New drive.
It was successful to change and possible to search logs in the new Drive.
But I found the same indexname folder in D drive and there is the "datamodel_summary" folder.

I would like to change only the index.So I would not like to change Splunk_DB in splunk-launch.conf.
Is it happened not to change Splunk_DB in splunk-launch.conf?
Also what should I do for Splunk to create the "datamodel_summary" folder in new Drive?
I appreciate any suggestions.

Splunk : 6.5.3
OS : Windows server 2012 R2



indexes.conf (Before)

    coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB\test-index\colddb
    homePath = $SPLUNK_DB\test-index\db
    thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB\test-index\thaweddb
    frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 34300800
    coldToFrozenDir = D:\splunk_data\archive\test-index

indexes.conf (After)

coldPath = E:\splunk_data\splunk\test-index\colddb
homePath = E:\splunk_data\splunk\test-index\db
thawedPath = E:\splunk_data\splunk\test-index\thaweddb
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 34300800
coldToFrozenDir = E:\splunk_data\archive\test-index

This is the way to change:
1.Stop splunk service.
2.Move D:\splunk_data\splunk\i-filter to E:\splunk_data\splunk\i-filter.
3.Change the indexes.conf.
4.Start splunk service.


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did you stop input for that index and then change the path?

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Yes. While Splunk service was stopped, I changed the path.

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Not service dear, I mean input from which data is indexing in test-index.

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