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Why splunk add-on builder is showing error( there is parsing error to this app) in Map to Data Model step?

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when I am mapping my event types with data model and selecting data model corresponding my event types, it showing error-"there is parsing error to this app(Splunk_SA_CIM)?"

Data model mapping>>Select data model>>Splunk_SA_CIM[!]
This [!] is error stating - there is parsing error to this app.

Due to which I am unable to select or map to data model.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

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I am currently having this issue after I accelerate a datamodel. The only way to fix it (in my use case) is to disable acceleration and delete the copy of your datamodel under local.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

AoB needs some specific fields to parse the CIM. Please make sure your CIM is the latest version.
Also there is a known issue from CIM app - when you customized some data models thru CIM UI, some fields are removed automatically, which may cause same issue in AoB. So please remove everything in "local" folder and install latest CIM app. Thanks.

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