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Why is the interval of 1 second not working in input.conf?

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I want to run my script at every second, so I set the interval to 1 second in input.conf file. But the script is not executed every second. So is there any minimum interval amount? Following is my input.conf file:

index = default
start_by_shell = false
sourcetype = amqp
interval = 1
reconnect = True
ssl_enabled = False

interval = 1
reconnect = 1
source_url =
ssl_enabled = 0
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From the documentation:

interval = [<number>|<cron schedule>]
* How often to run the specified command (in seconds), or a valid cron schedule.
* NOTE: when you specify a cron schedule, the input does not run the script on start-up.
* If you specify the interval as a number, it may have a fractional component; e.g., 3.14
* The cron implementation for data inputs does not currently support names of months or days.
* Defaults to 60.0 seconds.
* The special value 0 forces this scripted input to be run continuously; that is, as soon as the script exits, the input restarts it.
* The special value -1 causes the scripted input to run once on start-up.

There is no minimum it seems. Maybe your script is not quick enough? Or maybe look at setting it to 0; then it starts again after the command exits.

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How can I ensure that the script is slow?

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