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Why is event time different from server time?


Hi all,

we have migrated HF where DB connect app was installed and now events from DB app on new HF have different timestamp. 1 hour is missing from server time.

They are using same indexers. There is not TZ configured in props.conf on indexers.

Those configurations in DB app do not work:
1. Configuration -> Databases -> Connections -> "your connection" (Timezone dropdown)

2. Add the following to the JVM options in the configuration tab of the DB connect app:


New HF:


1. The time should be 3:30 as server/hf has EDT time 3:30 (This works correctly on old HF, there is time t-6, not t-7). If this is not time from server/when was event created what is it then? I am confused here.
9:30 is ok, as we are CET.




3. The server time of new HF is correct. So why events miss 1 hour? 


Old HF:



3.timedatectl (I took ss 9 mins later)

Thank you for every idea.

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