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Why is IIS/Cisco add-on for Splunk not receiving data?


I have installed, correctly configured and repeatedly check the settings for two apps to get data into Splunk however the data is not appearing in searches. I have read every document I could and tried everything possible but no success so far. 

Other Splunk apps installed are working as designed.

1) Splunk add-on for IIS

-The add on is correctly configured according to the documentation, and there is no communication issue between the server and Splunk enterprise as other data from that server does appear in searches.

-.conf files and everything else are pointed at the correct location

-I have tried indexing it to the default index as well as the IIS index.

2) Cisco Add-On for Splunk Enterprise (TA-cisco_ios) 

-App is configured according to the documentation.
-The cisco switch model is supported by the app
-UDP port 514 is configured on Splunk 
-No network security devices to prevent cause communication issues between the switch and Splunk.

Of note is that the servers CPU is constantly near or at 100% at all times (Splunk is optimized and configured to reduce usage, the server is multi-use)

*Upgrading the server is not an option at this time.
*Moving to cloud is not an option.

Any thoughts/suggestions/fixes would be greatly valued.

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If you installed and correctly configured your setup you'd have your data in splunk, wouldn't you? 😉

But seriously.

You didn't tell us what's your setup - your splunk version, your architecture, where did you put those apps and how did you configure them.

We don't know how are your inputs organized and - in case of the switch - how is your equipment configured.

Be more verbose - help us help yourself 😉

The only hint is that from "multi-use" I deduce that you're using your splunk on windows server.

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Please check the Monitoring Console Dashboards to check which application or service of Splunk is using most of the CPU.

This will reduce your area of troubleshooting, and take it from there. 


I hope this helps!!!

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