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Why does the CIDR not include all IP's in a range?


I have a big corporate network with many routers.
All routes ha a loopback IP used for syslog. Ex

When I do a search for host like this:

index=syslog host= (last 24 hour)

When look at host, I do get a result like this, when look at the host filed.

Values  Count   %    8,887   99.396% 32  0.358%    12  0.134% 4   0.045%    3   0.034% 3   0.034%

Problem is that I do muss several hosts. A search for a specific node like this:

index=syslog host= (last 24 hour)
gives this result:

 Values Count   %    59  100%

Why do I not see this host with 59 hits in syslog.??
Why does CIDR not cover it?

host= should it not cover to

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It's possible that the field you are using for host is not formatted in a way that the CIDR search recognizes. With my data, my field is src which is formatted ipaddress:port:vlan I have to perform a rex on the src field to parse just the into its own field, and then I can use CIDR notation to pull out all the hosts I have logs for in the time window.

index=<yourindex> | rex field=src "(?<src_ip>\d{1,3}.\d{1,3}.\d{1,3}.\d{1,3})" | search src_ip="" | stats values(src_ip)

Hope that helps.

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You are on the right track. Just for the test of it, I added host=10.252.1.* and get more than 100 hits.
The host is not part of the _raw data, so It has to be some with how its extracted.

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