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Why are there duplicate MV fields with JSON data?


Hello there!

I'm trying to ingest JSON data via the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services app.  I created a sourcetype with INDEXED_EXTRACTIONS=json and left all other settings to their default values.  The data got ingested, however, when I table my events I start seeing mv fields with duplicate data.  I'm even seeing the "Interesting Fields" section add up to 200% (instead of the expected 100%).

Sourcetype settingsSourcetype settings


Interesting FieldsInteresting Fields


MV Fields with duplicate dataMV Fields with duplicate data

I then followed the advice given in this post ^^^ (i.e., setting KV_MODE=none, AUTO_KV_JSON=false, etc.) but the issue persists.

I have attached screenshots to this post to better understand my situation.  I'm currently on Splunk Cloud.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated

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One common mistake is described in Structured Data Header Extraction and configuration.

* When 'INDEXED_EXTRACTIONS = JSON' for a particular source type, do not also 
  set 'KV_MODE = json' for that source type. This causes the Splunk software to 
  extract the JSON fields twice: once at index time, and again at search time.
* Default: not set
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