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Why are Unix sourcetypes unsearchable in Splunk beyond past two months


Hi all,

I found that searches in my unix index returns events only up to the past two months for a significant number of sourcetypes (bash_history, audit, secure, sudo logs).

Shouldn't the events be retained according to the retention period set using 'frozenTimePeriodInSecs'?

We set the period to 365 days.





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Hi @zijian,

if you have logs of arounf two months ago but you don't have logs ot today, probably means that you had a problem that blocked the log ingestions.

The retention is satisfied because you have logs of two months ago that aren't outside the retention period.

So I hint to check the log ingestions.

If instead the problem is that you haven't logs older than 2 months, I hint to see if there are more retention definitions for that index that override the correct one.

You can do this using btool (



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