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Why am I getting "ERROR BTreeCP - failed: failed to rename... Access is denied"


Has anybody ever had this error? If so, can you explain the meaning of it? Thanks

08-28-2016 22:03:18.924 -0400 ERROR BTreeCP - failed: failed to rename C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\var\lib\splunk\fishbucket\splunk_private_db\snapshot to C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\var\lib\splunk\fishbucket\splunk_private_db\snapshot.old: Access is denied.  2016-08-28 22:03:18.924 VES-ADV3
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These sort of messages generally points to bad install of forwarder. such that Splunk is installed/owned by Root, but running account is different. Therefore, you internally get these sort of messages as access denied,or can't rename etc.

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