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Why am I getting error "Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?" trying to connect to Splunk with the Java REST API?


I am trying to connect with Splunk. It is accessible from the web browser, but not with Java REST API.

           connectionArgs.put("host", "splunk-ui");
    connectionArgs.put("username", "username");
    connectionArgs.put("password", "passwd");
    connectionArgs.put("port", 8443);
    connectionArgs.put("scheme", "http");

    Service splunkService = Service.connect(connectionArgs);
    System.out.println("Auth Token : " + splunkService.getToken());

This is the error:

"Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?" at line 'Service splunkService = Service.connect(connectionArgs);'

I am not able to understand the error.

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Host name was wrong, Thanks for help guys.

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Unless you have changed your system default settings you should be connecting to port 8089 over https to access the Splunk REST endpoints.

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Port 8443 is typically reserved for HTTPS connections, yet you defined your scheme as http.

Change it like this and try again:


I'm sure you will also have to do some Java-nasty overrides for the SSL cert to get it to accept the default certificates.

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