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Why am I getting error "Couldn't determine $SPLUNK_HOME" trying to install universal forwarder credentials on Sandbox?

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I am trying to install the forwarder credentials on my sandbox and when I follow step 4 and put in my credentials ie:

/opt/splunkforwarder/bin/splunk install app /opt/splunkclouduf.spl -auth admin:changeme

I get the error:

Couldn't determine $SPLUNK_HOME

Perhaps it should be set in environment. I attempted to fix this error by:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/splunkforwarder/bin

but I still received the same error. How do I continue with installation? Thanks!

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export SPLUNK_HOME="/opt/splunk"

or where ever you installed Splunk at

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Community Manager

Hi @appzen

Is this the formal answer that solved your issue?

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it didn't for me 😄

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