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Where to keep the lookup file in a clustered environment



We are moving from single deployment to clustered environment. 

Current scenario: for one of my dashboards i was getting the lookup file created by running a python script. using a cronjob. Since i dont want it to be indexed, i was just creating the file and placing it in the lookups folder of one of the apps where the dashboard is there. 

Now when i move to clustered environment how and where do i place the script to generate the lookup 

and where can i save the lookup file to automatically get shared in all the searh heads. 



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Hi @surekhasplunk,

Since Splunk Search Head Cluster will not detect changes you make without Web UI or REST, you have two options;

1- You can create a custom search command runs your python script and than pipe to outputlookup. With this way the cluster will replicate lookup across members.  

2- Running python script on every search head with cronjob.


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Hello @scelikok 

Thank you so much for your reply. 

for 1st point, if you could you please give an example snippet, that would be great


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