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Where is the Inputs.conf file located?

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Im new to Splunk so this question may seem a bit low level, but I couldn't find anything helpful.

I read several tutorials for using Splunk, where all of them add Infos to the inputs.conf file. It looks like there must be a directory in my Splunk-folder on my computer, but Splunk Light on my PC only is a reference so it can be opened on localhost in a browser, where it gets opened, so no other directories. also in the Splunk-terminal there I coudn't find the Inputs.conf file. Where are these kind of Files located?

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Generally, you create an app and put inputs.conf there, like this: $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/YourAppNameHere/default/inputs.conf. Yes, it is that easy. Do not get into the HORRIBLE habit of using the GUI to create inputs because then they will be placed in various places and also in the local (instead of the correct default) directory. Also, you should be using a Deployment Serer to deploy these apps to your forwarders. In that case, put your app in the deployment-apps directory here: $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/deployment-apps/YourAppNameHere/default/inputs.conf. Then have your forwarders pull it in as Deployment Clients and it will end up in the apps directory on the client.

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If you have a working inputs.conf "somewhere", you can locate it like this:

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk btool inputs list --debug

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Hi @cramery
Take a look at this article:

inputs.conf can exist in a number of places, but given that you have just installed Splunk Light, I presume you are just using your local machine, standalone.

In this case look in $SPLUNK_HOME
(/opt/splunk on linux, c:\program files\splunk on windows)

Under that path look in:

If this is a new install, you may not yet have an inputs.conf, but this is a good place to create one.

If you have already configured some inputs they may have been added to

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